Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Jess received his Father's Day present a little early. Well he picked it out himself and did good...the color is awesome! Happy Father's Day!!

Slumber Party!

Saturday, June 7th, was Bailey's 7th birthday. She wanted to have a slumber party with her cousins (Lexi and Sydney) and friends. They had too much fun. Hair, makeup, nails, dancing... PARTY!!!

Misty teased the girls...the first one to fall asleep would get toliet papered and ice on their feet!! And the last one awake would win a prize. EVERYONE was afraid to lie down. Finally Destiny was the first to fall asleep. Misty and Jess thought it would be funnier to draw on her face with marker (don't worry they were erasable). Sydney was the last to fall asleep...2am...then she woke back up at 5am and woke ALL the girls. Poor Danny and Misty, no sleep that night.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The funky bunch (kids)

These are our children; Alexis (10) , Sydney (7) , and our son, the oldest , Kyzer (84) looks just like his father.

First Time Bloggers!

Welcome to the Sterile Merrill and the Funky Bunch Blog. We've decided it was probably time to put one together of our own family. Our friends Bob and Britt Wilkinson were kind enough to send us a photo of Augest and I when we were on our cruise (left). They were the main inspiration for our family blog. Thanks for visiting hope you come back soon! :)