Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun at Snowbird

July 24th - Jess and I wanted to do something fun with the girls today but couldn't think of something different to do. I was watching the Mike and Juliet show that morning and heard of a website,, to find fun things to do in your area. So we logged on and were scrolling thru things to do, movies in the park, story time at the library, then we see:

Snowbird Summer Thrill Rides Snowbird's warm weather thrill rides are open for the season. Rides include the ZipRider, Alpine Slide, Bungy Trampoline, the Peruvian Express Chairlift and tunnel, a mechanical bull, inflatable kids' rides, a four-station climbing wall, and the Aerial Tram.

That sounds real fun, let's go. We don't tell the girls where we are going but that we are going some where fun. I guess we have tricked them in the past because they were very skeptical. Every other minute, "just tell us where we are going, pleeeaaassseee!" The suspense was killing them so we just let them guess the whole way there.

Once we arrived they still were not sure what to expect until we got up to the tram, then they were all smiles. They saw the inflatable games, the bungy trampoline, the climbing wall... "can we do this, can we do that" began.

Jess and I wanted to do the tram first, "it is leaving in 10 minutes" the ticket man told us, so we go over and get in line. Again, "what are we doing, why are we waiting here, are we doing this, are we doing that"... oh what fun we had with them, tehe.

The tram was awesome, suprisingly I have never been on it. The views were so beautiful, the girls were a little scared at first, but since the ride was so smooth their fears relaxed after a few minutes. Then it was dad look at this, mom did you see that. We were so proud of them for being brave.

At the top where the tram stops we explored for about 20 minutes, took lots of pictures and just enjoyed the views.

Next we went over to the Alpine slide. The line was forever long and there was no shade. We waited of course because that is what we were here to do. We all complained a lot about the heat, listened to the conversations going on around us, and just anticipated the ride. When it was our turn we planned to go down as Lexi and Sydney racing and then mom and dad racing. Well it didn't turn out that way, there was an odd number of people in the group in front of us so Lexi had to race one from their group, Jess and Sydney raced down together, and then I went down alone. I felt a little silly, but it was fun.

After that we needed something to eat, we went down to the Pizza shop and enjoyed an extremely large veggie pizza and water. After we started to get our energy back we went back up for bungy bouncing and wall climbing.

Again the wait in the lines were very long, but we all had a really good time. So we definately recommend taking a day to explore Snowbird in the summer.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cascade Springs part deux

Saturday, July 12th we took the family to Cascade Springs. Lexi said, "this is the best place I have ever been!!"

Some interesting facts about Cascade Springs. 7.5 milllion gallons a day of water flows thru Cascade Springs a day, that is 1800 glasses of drinking water per second. The water comes right out of the ground, seriously, we walked around the entire springs and there was no river or anything flowing into it. Ok enough learning... enjoy the pics. :)




Friday, July 11, 2008

Goodbye RE/MAX...I will miss you!

July 10th was my last day at RE/MAX Results. I am going to miss all the fun we had together. Please keep in touch, I will miss you all terribly. Thank you for everything, it was an awesome 12 years... WOW!!! Augest :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our New Passion

Sunday, July 6th we took a ride with Augest's mom, Sherrie and her step-dad, Lee. Some other friends joined us as well. We started the ride heading up American Fork canyon, went around the Alpine Loop and down to Cascade Springs, it was so beautiful. It's funny how you can live somewhere your whole life and there are still so many things you have not seen. We will definately take the kids back there for hiking and a picnic.

After we walked around Cascade Springs we headed down to Provo Canyon, where we stopped off at Wingers for lunch. We decided then that we hadn't had enough riding so we jumped back on the freeway and headed down to Santaquin and drove around Utah Lake to get home. We just can't get enough.

4th of July weekend

This year we spent our 4th of July weekend with our friends Robert and Brittney in Logan. Every year in Logan they have the "Cruise-In" which means a car show. You all know how much Jess is into cars and motorcycles so we headed up there.

The kids were so excited on the drive up. Every 5 minutes, are we there yet. :)

When we arrived on Thursday Robert and Brittney had the picnic basket full of goodies and we headed out to the park for a picnic and a dip in the "river".

It was very hot at the park so we decided to go back to their house and turn on the sprinklers for the kids, they had a blast with the water under the trampoline.

We have always wanted to see if the "mentos in diet coke" really works. Eat your heart out Mythbusters.

Later that night we went to a different park to watch the fireworks. OOOOHHH....AWWWWW

On the 4th the boys, Jess and Robert, went to the cars show while the girls, Brittney and Augest took the kids to the swimming pool. They had so much fun we couldn't get them to leave. Everyone was very water logged, Brittney and Augest were fried. Put sunscreen on the kids but not yourself, not so smart.

Robert and Brittney were wonderful hosts, they fed us VERY TASTY food and are so fun to be with. Thanks guys, we miss you!


June 29th we decided to head up to the mountains and have a little picnic. It was very hot in the valley so we thought it would be much relief to be up there. Unfortunately it was still very hot and the bugs were attacking. But we made the best of it and had a great time.

Our First Ride

On June 21st we took our first road trip on the Harley.
We went thru East Canyon, over to Kamas, up Mirror Lake Highway, back down and over to Heber. We had dinner in Heber at the Claim Jumper, if you ever have the chance go there, it was amazing. (I think there is one in Park City too) After dinner we headed down Provo Canyon up to Sundance and then finally headed home. It was an all day trip, needless to say our bottoms were pretty sore by the end of the day. It is amazing how much more beautiful the scenery is from a motorcycle, you can smell all the flowers, it was so much fun.