Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun at Snowbird

July 24th - Jess and I wanted to do something fun with the girls today but couldn't think of something different to do. I was watching the Mike and Juliet show that morning and heard of a website,, to find fun things to do in your area. So we logged on and were scrolling thru things to do, movies in the park, story time at the library, then we see:

Snowbird Summer Thrill Rides Snowbird's warm weather thrill rides are open for the season. Rides include the ZipRider, Alpine Slide, Bungy Trampoline, the Peruvian Express Chairlift and tunnel, a mechanical bull, inflatable kids' rides, a four-station climbing wall, and the Aerial Tram.

That sounds real fun, let's go. We don't tell the girls where we are going but that we are going some where fun. I guess we have tricked them in the past because they were very skeptical. Every other minute, "just tell us where we are going, pleeeaaassseee!" The suspense was killing them so we just let them guess the whole way there.

Once we arrived they still were not sure what to expect until we got up to the tram, then they were all smiles. They saw the inflatable games, the bungy trampoline, the climbing wall... "can we do this, can we do that" began.

Jess and I wanted to do the tram first, "it is leaving in 10 minutes" the ticket man told us, so we go over and get in line. Again, "what are we doing, why are we waiting here, are we doing this, are we doing that"... oh what fun we had with them, tehe.

The tram was awesome, suprisingly I have never been on it. The views were so beautiful, the girls were a little scared at first, but since the ride was so smooth their fears relaxed after a few minutes. Then it was dad look at this, mom did you see that. We were so proud of them for being brave.

At the top where the tram stops we explored for about 20 minutes, took lots of pictures and just enjoyed the views.

Next we went over to the Alpine slide. The line was forever long and there was no shade. We waited of course because that is what we were here to do. We all complained a lot about the heat, listened to the conversations going on around us, and just anticipated the ride. When it was our turn we planned to go down as Lexi and Sydney racing and then mom and dad racing. Well it didn't turn out that way, there was an odd number of people in the group in front of us so Lexi had to race one from their group, Jess and Sydney raced down together, and then I went down alone. I felt a little silly, but it was fun.

After that we needed something to eat, we went down to the Pizza shop and enjoyed an extremely large veggie pizza and water. After we started to get our energy back we went back up for bungy bouncing and wall climbing.

Again the wait in the lines were very long, but we all had a really good time. So we definately recommend taking a day to explore Snowbird in the summer.


D.I.M. Incorporated said...

That looks like a good time. Glad you had fun.

M&N Tenny said...

These photos are so cute, looks like you guys had lots of fun! Hope everything is going well for you!

Heather said...

DUDE! Why didn't you tell me you were doing that! I totally would have gone there too.....

Miss YOU!